Dating royal doulton character jugs

Although made across a century in a bewildering variety of subjects, styles and colours, Doulton figures and 'tobys' are instantly recognised and widely collected around the English-speaking world.Figures may represent only one small part of Royal Doulton's output but the HN series range, which began in 1913 with 20 figures (HN1 was the Charles Vyse figure of a small boy in a nightshirt that Queen Mary christened The inspiration for the collection has been extraordinarily diverse - child studies, fashionable ladies, occupations, nationalities, historical figures, literature et al - and, across a century of production, has embraced the full range of predominant decorative styles.Exact production figures are not available but it has been said that even a popular pre-War figure would have been made in much smaller quantities than a modern edition - even a modern limited edition.Some of the less popular pre-War models were withdrawn from production in the mid 1930s, others in 1938, while the outbreak of the Second World War and the restrictions that it brought caused the deletion from the range of the majority of the existing figures.A nice impressed crown on a good Yorkshire may well add £200-£300 pounds to its value.

"In their view, we Londoners know little about God, and nothing about pottery".

I am certain that Toby Jugs and their variants, (Martha Gunn, The Gin Lady, The Snuff Taker, Heart Goodfellow, the Cross Legged Jolly Miller), would be of historical interest to all those interested in the world of ceramics.

When one considers the bottle-kiln firing which was available in 1790, for example, with no electric thermostats or modern technology, it is a wonder so many beautiful jugs were so well made and have existed to this very day.

The absence of the real Toby has become quite apparent, a viewpoint which I personally have held for a few years.

For this level of investment, say £150-£200, a nice late Victorian Toby can be purchased, and may probably still be intact with his detachable crown.

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