Dating men 10 years older than you

Recent stats show that marriages are within a small age gap. A study published in found that divorced men are much more likely to remarry a much younger woman. It also might be because the men are looking for someone different than their ex wives.

Or maybe they are scared of dating women their age after being out of the game so long…

These will help you through the ups and downs and the little quirks that come with dating a guy who is much older than you. Make it an opportunity to learn new things Dating someone who has been alive longer than you can be a great opportunity to learn new things.

If you do begin dating someone who is a good bit older than you- like 10 years older, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Some people are fine with big age differences other have a big problem with it.

Do not let family and friends try to tell you how to date and interfere with your relationship. Don’t think about the very distant future When you are the temptation often becomes one of thinking about the future.

Hence, the phrase “men get better with age.” We won’t talk about what happens to women as they age here…Today, men don’t have to go out and hunt food. So, the “security” that women seek is mostly thought to mean money.

His financial status does not necessarily make him a better person.Let them get to know you and be a part of their , but do not interfere with how he raises them.6.The type of intimacy will be different Older people express themselves differently than younger people and this true even when it comes to intimacy.You Tango phrased it a bit more nicely by saying “women choose men who offer resources and stability.”Don’t believe money has something to do with it?Just consider what this study found: This doesn’t mean you should assume that every woman dating an older man is a gold digger.Depending on your ages, your man may be up there in years.It can be tempting to think about 5 or 10 years down the road and whether or not he will still be around.Focus on the things you have in common There will be many things you have in common with your older guy- that is why you two are dating. Do not let age get in the way and become a distraction.You will be different in some ways but those differences can be good, so long as they do not take away from the things you have in common.3.Other studies show an even larger preferred age gap between men and women.A 5-month study by a dating site which buys and sells first dates found the preferred age gap to be 6 years.

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