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Click the image of The NT Insider to the left for the details, and the download link to use.

Articles include: - Using Bus Interfaces for Driver to Driver Communication - The WDK Docs Improve Through Regular Releases - Understanding Evt Io Stop, Bugcheck 9F and Related SDV Errors - Load or Unload - Drive Letter Alternatives - Peter Pontificates: We Wah Heeya First ..more!

The development of a "software-only" kernel mode driver can be used to provide functionality such as monitoring activities or collecting of data from a running system.

Such drivers do not interact with hardware (managing a device, claiming resources) or attached to the device stack of a Function Driver.

The flexible nature of the Dbg Eng library allows savvy kernel devs to use it to their best advantage (though few do! This article delves into creation of debugger extensions, including a sample y'all might find useful in your work. This article delves into some of what we learned from our previous implementation of a virtual storport miniport driver, including revised code.

And you thought we were done with virtual storport miniport articles! This article begins to delve into what we're calling "isolation drivers".

Articles include: - The Wonderful World of Software Drivers - The Isolation Driver (Part II) - Debugging Race Conditions - Analyst's Perspective: Analyzing User Mode State from a Kernel Connection - Peter Pontificates ..more!Read on to ensure you are aware of features of these objects, and their use for your next WDF driver.A Version Information resource provides information that can be accessed via Explorer (or programmatically) to reference details of an executable image (file versions, product names, copyright, etc.).Years ago we spent time on the topic of WDF queues, and over time, we've found them to be one of the most powerful objects of a WDF driver.As such, we thought the topic was worthy of more material.This third and final article in a series, completes the development of the Virtual Storport Miniport Driver that we started in the earlier two issues of ver the last several years Microsoft has added more and more tracing points to the operating system for use in performance and problem analysis.While Vista collected an impressive amount of information that was available for analysis to the external community, the lukewarm reception of Vista from our customers prevented us from ever really getting a chance to play it.Well, this isn't necessarily a general philosophy at OSR, but as far as The NT Insider is concerned, it's the real deal.Every other month, you can look forward to reading articles covering all sorts of system software topics.The January - February 2014 issue of The NT Insider is available exclusively in PDF format for download.Articles include: - Getting Started Writing Windows Drivers - WDF File Object Callbacks Demystified - Windows Pool Manager - The Truth Behind PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA - The March - April 2013 issue of The NT Insider is available exclusively in PDF format for download.

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