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When the Early Exiters married, they were not particularly in love or affectionate toward one another.

In the next sections we will approach the topic of premarital and early marital predictors of divorce in a reversed order.

Working under the assumption that "The basic cause of divorce …

is faulty mate selection and inadequate preparation for a companionship type of marriage" (Waller 1938, 247), social scientists and mental health professionals have tried for many decades to identify factors during courtship that predict marital stability.

Also, compared to couples who remained stably married over a period of 13 years, couples who divorced had courtships characterized by more extremes regarding the passion and pace of their courtship.

Assistant Professor Family, Consumer, and Human Development Utah State University Linda Skogrand, Ph. Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Family, Consumer, and Human Development Utah State University Ted L. The findings summarized in this paper suggest that loss of love and affection early in marriage and later marital instability can be traced back to couples' courtship experiences; findings also suggest that the courtship dynamics of couples who are likely to divorce early in marriage are different from those who are likely to divorce later in marriage.

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