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To see it working, just edit one of the Type Script or HTML files in your directory.You’ll see the corresponding update appear in your browser right away.NPM is the largest repository of open-source software packages in the world, and the , which starts up a hidden instance and provides a fast and robust way of making calls into it from . For this walkthrough, first create a new application with ASP. Of course, you need to create a file with that name.At the root directory of your project, add a file called Since you can now run arbitrary server-side Java Script in your application, you have access to the entire NPM ecosystem.This works by executing Angular/React/etc components on the server as well as on the client.To a limited extent, it means your SPA can even work with Java Script disabled in the browser, which is great for ensuring your app is accessible to all search engine crawlers.As a quick (but artificial) demo to prove this is working, just try disabling Java Script in your browser.You’ll still be able to load the page and navigate around.

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Separating your own application code from your vendor dependencies makes your builds much faster.Option 1: Running via the Command Line To run your project on the command line, you must first restore both the . Execute the following commands: file in Visual Studio. NET and NPM dependencies for you (though it can take a few minutes).When your dependencies are restored, just press Ctrl F5 to launch the application in a browser as usual.It directly updates the affected modules in your running application.The purpose of this is to give you a faster, more productive development experience.Whenever your source files change and the dev middleware provides an incremental update, HMR pushes it to your local browser immediately.It does this causing a full page reload (because that might wipe out useful state, such as any debugging session you have in progress).These days, many developers are building Single-Page Applications (SPAs) using frameworks such as Angular or React.These are powerful frameworks that produce a great end-user experience, but we often hear that building these applications is complicated.These projects all use Webpack as a front-end build system, because it’s the dominant system used by Angular/React/etc developers.One of its powerful features is the ability, during development, to keep running in the background and incrementally recompile any modified code extremely quickly.

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