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You might not (want to) believe it, but there are actually quite a few girls who are incredibly attracted to short guys.

Every person has a different taste and is attracted to different things.

Okay, this article and this guy actually proves that I have to rethink what I just said: That’s a simple truth you have to accept.

Talking yourself into believing that EVERY girl is into guys who are smaller than her is definitely not the fastest way to attract amazing women into your life who are taller than you.

Just because the mainstream belief is that tall men are more attractive, doesn’t mean that all women on this planet share this belief.

In the same way as there are men who are attracted to tall models and men who are attracted to tiny cute girls (like me), there are also women who are attracted to tall guys and women who get wet as soon as they see a guy who is below their height.

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The uncomfortable truth is that a guy who is over 6.0 has it a bit easier to date the women he wants to date, than a guy who is below 5.5.It is true that most women are attracted to guys who are at least a few centimeters taller than they are.However, just because MOST girls want a guy who can kiss their forehead without jumping like a kangaroo, doesn’t mean that ALL girls think this way.We are good at blaming external circumstances for the misery we are in. It is easy to blame someone else for the fact that we don’t do what we want to do and that we are not the person we actually want to be.It is easy, because we can’t be blamed for NOT taking action and for NOT changing our beliefs and our behavior.The harsh reality is that a lot of girls are into guys who are taller than they are. That doesn’t mean that you should bury your head in the sand.Whereas a tall guy might need 6 approaches to get a girl’s number, you need 10.I believe every aspiring pick up artist who hasn’t yet made the transition to a real seducer who is honest with himself and with the women in his life, has this phase.It’s the phase where you think that you made it in the PUA heaven when you are able to date tall and long-legged models. I know that you think that you will never find the long-legged model of your dreams, or at least a girl who is horny enough to ride you like a rodeo horse, just because god was so freaking unfair and made you look like Danny De Vito.You might see me with my not really impressive 5.8 and think that I never had the same problem as you have right now. Yes, I am not particularly short now, but when I was around the age of 18 in my class. Whenever I saw one of the tall and muscular guys who weighted more than me with my pathetic 50 kilos I was intimidated and convinced that every girl would choose him over me.

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