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(son) Dennis is extremely vain, selfish, superficial, hypersexual, and delusional about himself.Dennis also has an extreme temper (most notable in later seasons) and will blow up in rage whenever his image is called into question, he doesn't get what he wants, or just plain gets irritated.Believing that his sister was soon going to leave him behind and go onto a better life that was more successful than his, a blow to both his ego and his fear of abandonment or rejection, Dennis becomes increasingly upset and desperate.When discovering that he, along with Dee, was actually on the receiving end of an elaborate prank by Charlie, Mac and Frank, Dennis tries to deny the hurt and trauma of the ordeal through hysterical laughter, though the others think that they "broke" him as well and that "he might go kill himself" .

He has had sex with many women, and has both audio and video recordings of these sexual encounters.He frequently obsesses over any possibility that he may have a visible physical flaw and often spends the remainder of the episode trying to correct it.Dennis's delusions of grandeur extend to his relationships with others.It is revealed that Dennis had sex with the school librarian, Mrs. Dennis insults and demeans his friends on a regular basis, particularly Dee and Charlie, and never hesitates to draw attention to their flaws, shortcomings, and past failures while remaining oblivious to—or rather in denial of—his own.Dennis's psychotically-extreme vanity, selfishness, callousness and exploitativeness belie a deep, crippling insecurity, self-loathing and fear of abandonment.In season 12's "The Gang Tends Bar", the notion that Dennis doesn't have feelings (something even he has said) is said to be untrue when Dennis reveals he's possibly the most sensitive in the Gang.This is likely another delusion, but hypersensitivity is common in people with Borderline Personality Disorder.Regularly, his relationships with his best friends, Mac and Charlie, are portrayed as homoerotic.The ambiguous nature of Dennis's sexuality has been explored in other episodes and is usually connected to his vanity and need for peer approval. Klinsky was far older (probably at least 40-50 years old), and is described as looking like Rick Moranis.Glenn Howerton has said in interviews that he believes that Dennis is not actually a complete sociopath; and, deep down, Dennis is actually very fragile and has very strong emotions and is in fact the most sensitive and insecure member of the Gang.However, the only way he knows how to show it is by getting really angry.

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