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In the months following, they planned for Jai to fly out to New York City around New Years Eve to meet and spend time with Ariana.

They broke up in August 2013 and a couple of months later Jai accused Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.We are not only each others' boyfriend/girlfriend, we are also each others best friends.To still be so in love with each other even though at times we could be a world apart, really means something.The brothers then started the hashtag #Jai Vs Luke For Ariana which trended on Twitter.Ariana's mother, Joan Grande, clicked on the hashtag and then started to watch the Janoskian videos on Youtube.Jai was walking to her apartment in New York City at about 6 am and as he turned onto her street her car pulled up. Frankie filmed a New Years Eve vlog on his You Tube channel, and when everyone yelled "Happy New Year", Ariana and Jai can be seen kissing each other as it turns midnight.The next two weeks Jai stayed in New York and spent all of his time with Ariana.Jaidon Domenic-Matthew "Jai" Brooks (born May 3, 1995) is an Australian You Tube comedian, prankster, stunt performer and entertainer.He met Ariana Grande through Twitter in the summer of 2012.In July 2012, Jai Brooks, and his twin brother Luke, started a competition to see which one could get Ariana Grande's attention.Jai tweeted her and made a video for her explaining why she should date him.

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