Dating fabric with egyptian motifs

Tapestry traditionally has been a luxury art afforded only by the wealthy, and even in the 21st century large-scale handwoven tapestries are too expensive for those with moderate incomes.

Tapestries are usually designed as single panels or sets.

To me, it seems like a lot because you have four years with someone, and to me that's just the same as having been married to them.

I think I stayed open to all possibilities and had the greatest of love and wouldn't change anything that I did.

He broke his scapula and cracked ribs, internal bruising.

If you're talking about getting married, I never wanted to get married.

I wasn't raised with the 'have a white dress and a wedding.' I was raised with 'have a good life and push yourself and achieve what you want to achieve in happiness.' I never waited for anything.

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