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Having the chance to say actual thought-out good-byes to people, places, or a familiar family structure is among the most healing things a child can experience.

Not only do such good-byes give the child a chance to review and acknowledge the good things that will be lost, they also allow the child an opportunity to express those feelings face to face with the others who are involved.

If the questions are too personal to handle or if the separation hinges on sexual or financial matters inappropriate for discussion with children, you might say, “That’s an OK question, but I feel private about the answer, and I really don’t want to talk about it.” Helping Children Say Good-bye After the news of the upcoming loss or change has been introduced and explored, children need to be given the opportunity to say whatever good-byes are involved.

If the mother subsequently joins a loss group or seeks counseling, it might be helpful for the children to be invited to meet the therapist or pastor or group leader so that they can get direct reassurance that the helper understands how important the parent is and that the helper will be available as long as help is needed. ” can help you avoid making statements that are misleading if taken absolutely literally.

It may help to note how frequently adult thought patterns and speech revert to concrete thinking, especially in times of stress.

So talk with children about what they might have seen or heard: “When you heard us fighting, you may have wondered what was happening and felt worried and scared.” “Today when Aunt Ruth came to get you at school, did you guess that something bad had happened?

” Beginning this way also encourages the child to think, “I am the sort of person who can figure out what is happening.” Corroborating what the child has noticed sends one more reassuring signal that the child is a thinking person, able to make sense of the world and therefore able to understand significant happenings.

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