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So after scraping the internet for free web directory lists I squeezed 76 potential candidates into an excel spreadsheet.

Most of the lists I found from Google searches were either duplicates or out of date.

Skaffe, is a Nordic word for find, procure and obtain.

We do not list low quality sites, spam or content not suitable for children.

And submitting to the free directories in this list was actually the first ever active link building exercise I did.

The members without Rencontre account are automaticaly removed after two days if they can’t “edit_posts”.Shortly after launching this blog I went on a marathon backlinks building session and successfully submitted 49 free web directories!Since then I’ve regularly updated this list to add more quality sites and remove anything that’s no longer free or has lapsed in quality. Sure, directory submissions are very VERY boring, but they’re totally worth doing!We offer a comprehensive world directory database and a well developed UK and US local and regional resource. Paid Express reviews were subject to the same strict quality guidelines as the free submission reviews and will not in any way bias search results.Email support service is available at [email protected] Hosting by PJWD.Build powerful links by listing in our Internet Web Directory and get listed same day. List for free using a reciprocal link and/or pay for yearly or lifetime a professionally edited website directory of the best family safe websites.Ancient people believed the kidney was involved in conscience and deliberation, and according to the Talmud “one of the two kidneys counsels what is good, and the other evil”.(h/t Elissa) You know what nobody hates each other over yet?When you add this setting via IIS, it adds it to he shared web.config.You can then add a redirect to the site in IIS and it will create a new web.config in the c_redirect folder with your setting, and not affect the parent site.

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