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“We use these six factors to help clients assess what is working in their search for love and what they can shift to become successful.” Elizabeth and Susie have literally written the book on these six factors.“Matchmaker Secrets: The Six Predictors of Dating Success” explains how dating works using real-life stories and empowers readers to change their love lives for good!“People don’t know what they want because they haven’t met that person yet,” she said, noting that personal growth is a major part of dating.“As they go on dates, hopefully, they grow as people along the way and become the person they want to be.” Sometimes singles are simply too busy or too run-down to search for a compatible date, and that’s where Dating Directions’ hands-on services can come in handy.

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The all-woman staff combines their areas of expertise to match, coach, photograph, and guide clients as best they can.

It began over a decade ago when Elizabeth Cobey-Piper, known as the first dating coach in Ohio, met Susie, known as the first matchmaker in Ohio, through a mutual friend.

They shared an instant connection because they both wanted to inspire singles to find love and saw how working together could make them more effective in that goal.

It may seem old-fashioned, but many of today’s hard-working and well-educated singles choose to hire a professional matchmaking team to guide them along the way. Because matchmakers are the limousines of dating services.

They provide that added comfort, security, and efficiency to get singles where they want to go in style.

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