Dating bogotanos

If “exotic” were a flavor, then the gulupa – part of the same family as the better-known maracuyá or passion fruit –would be a strong contender.

Inconspicuous with a brown outer shell, this one doesn’t immediately stand out on the fruit stalls but is definitely worth the search.

Luckily there is a stand selling beer and water nearby if you need to cool down.

A natural backscratcher, estropajo is another Colombian peculiarity found at Paloquemao and not to be missed.

When leaving the fruit section of Paloquemao, make sure to stop at Doña Eugenia’s stand.

As the “Queen of Ají” she has waist-high sacks of hot peppers in all imaginable colors, shapes and sizes and will encourage – to put it gently – visitors to try each one.

Colombians swear by the benefits of this vegetable sponge, which is a great for exfoliating the skin, controlling acne, banishing cellulite and massaging tired muscles.

More than just a market today, its name is also synonymous with an entire part of the city center, so when heading there be sure to tell your cab driver to drop you off at the mercado.

The market bursts with color, and traders from all across the country man the stalls, selling their produce, including many of the exotic fruits and herbs Colombia has to offer.

Originally from the Pacific, borojó is reportedly a natural aphrodisiac for men, famously consumed as a potent juice by Caleños in preparation for those sensual nights out .

This fist-sized fruit is brown on the outside when ripe, with a squishy texture and sticky inside.

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