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It’s a rarely used feature anyways, and isn’t worth all the extra code required.

I may eliminate that feature in the next version of SITA anyways. For security reasons I highly recommend ONLY downloading it from links provided here on Ariane

For ownership reasons (meaning I don’t own them), sound and music files are archived.

Links to download, as well as substitute file names to customize the music, are available in the help file. Saved games are located in two places, so you need to erase both to start over: 1. Go to where you installed the game, open “games” then “saves” In these directories, you will find a file called “persistent”. This walkthrough page has how to do most everything in the game.

I have released a Android version, which has been downloaded thousands of times without complaint so I assume it works.

There is currently no IOS version in the works as 1. Apple would not let an erotic game into their app store.

Like the online version, there are also pop up hints to give you clues to Ariane’s current feelings.

If you find these annoying you can turn them off in the Options screen (they are off by default).

I play on my phone/tablet, and can’t get the Renpy version, so where is our version?I am hoping the online version could be made available through third party mirrors. If you played the online version in the last year, you have probably noticed you get a lot of “error 503” errors due to high traffic on the web server. I made the game available offline so you can download and play it on your own computer, but growing concerns about web security is making the offline HTML version harder to play for many people, especially if you are using anything other than Firefox, and that may change soon as well. This version of Date Ariane runs on Renpy, a well respected open source visual novel engine used by hundreds of games.Besides pictures and text, it can include music, sound effects, as well as special visual effects not possible in HTML. Think of it as a cross between a “Choose Your Own Adventure” comic book, and an adventure game with puzzles to solve.Because Renpy uses Python instead of Javascript, and the Javascript code had become an indecipherable mess over the years, I decided to write all new code from scratch.Differences in game play is inevitable as a result, however where differences exist I focused on making the Renpy version better than the online version.Due to increased popularity of the online version it may be necessary to take down the online version. BUT I highly recommend downloading and running the Renpy version.It is superior in so many ways you will probably want to forget about the online version.You are not allowed to sell the game or make money off the game without my permission (which will probably involve giving me a cut), nor are you allowed to edit or change the game in any way for redistribution. As long as you don’t redistribute your modified game, you can customize it all you want.See additional legal info in the enclosed help file. You may need to download the Renpy developers kit and a text editor.Third party sites tend to attach adware and other annoying malware on downloads, which I am forbidding as a violation of copyright, but I cannot reliably stop.Please note that this version of Date Ariane is Copyrighted, not creative commons like the online version. There is a subdirectory in the download called “game” where you will find all the pictures and Renpy text files used in the game.

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