Dating and relationship idioms

If the fire goes out in the bedroom, there’s no question that your relationship will be in peril. Your goal should be to prop your partner up and be his or her cheerleader in hard times, not to bring them down.

"If you find yourself saying something like 'Are you that stupid? ' or 'You're just like your mother,' you need to cease and desist," said marriage therapist Becky Whetstone.

"If what you say has a tone of 'if you don't do this, you'll pay or I'll leave,' it's eventually going to take a toll on your partner." Nope. Your partner shouldn't ever feel pressured to do something he or she doesn't want to do to prove his or her love for you.

"There’s nothing like guilt combined with a stealthy ultimatum to drain the love right out of a relationship," said Gilbert.

You're different people than the ones you were when you first met, so don't freak out or assume there's some ulterior motive if your partner changes his or her habits.

“You each need room to grow," said relationship author and divorce attorney Christina Pesoli.

" "Calm down." Let one of these sentences slip and you'll more than likely find yourself in the proverbial dog house, said William J. D., professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota.

" territory), and really, truly careful about what you say. An apology generally goes a long way, but some things said in the heat of the moment may be irreversibly damaging to your relationship.It's how you relay your skepticism that will move you closer to discovering the whole story."Maybe you really do suspect he or she has feelings for someone else, for instance, but there's a better way to go about it than accusing your partner of lying," said Doherty."Defaulting to 'not tonight' is a bad habit to form," said Pesoli."Physical intimacy is what makes your relationship with your significant other different than any of your other relationships; otherwise, the two of you are just roommates who may or may not have kids together. is almost always a good idea." Below-the-belt personal attacks have no place in a healthy, loving relationship."Uttering these words will immediately put the other person on the defensive.Instead of getting what you want, the two of you will spend the rest of the evening -- or the rest of your relationship -- debating who’s right. For instance, 'I feel that I’m usually the one to say 'I love you' and it would make me feel good if you could say it first sometimes.' Keeping the focus on your needs instead of pointing out your partner’s shortcomings -- as glaring as they may be -- invites an opportunity for positive change." Healthy, long-lasting relationships involve two people who are able to grow together."Say 'I told you so' one too many times and pretty soon, resentment sets in," dating expert Marina Sbrochi said. Try empathy instead and see how your relationship grows." You and your partner aren't always going to be on the same page when it comes to sex.You each should absolutely feel free to say, "Not really in the mood after that brick-sized carnitas burrito." But you don't want "not tonight, not " to become the norm., and so it seemed to him that Kitty was so perfect in every respect that she was a creature far above everything earthly; and that he was a creature so low and so earthly that it could not even be conceived that other people and she herself could regard him as worthy of her., when it operates towards one of a different sex, is very apt, towards its complete gratification, to call in the aid of that hunger which I have mentioned above; and which it is so far from abating, that it heightens all its delights to a degree scarce imaginable by those who have never been susceptible of any other emotions than what have proceeded from appetite alone.get on like a house on fire = to get on really well with someone: "They get on like a house on fire." have a soft spot for someone = to be very fond of someone: "She has a soft spot for her youngest child." go back a long way = to know someone well for a long time: "Those two go back a long way.

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