Dating a man in the process of divorce

If found in contempt, you can be jailed or fined according to the discretion of the judge.“Discovery” is a legal mechanism designed for gathering information about either party to the divorce. Although states and their laws may vary during the discovery process, the five steps below are common and will probably become a part of your divorce.During depositions, attorneys will take sworn testimony from the opposing party and any witnesses involved.Are you considering divorce and wondering what the process will be like?Your state's divorce laws will determine what steps you go through during the divorce process.If your state laws allow couples to separate legally when one or the other spouse leaves the family residence your attorney will petition the courts for a separation agreement.This agreement protects the interests of both spouses and any children of the marriage by making sure that both parties meet their legal responsibilities to each other.Another resource to consider, on a state-by-state basis, are the legal foundations for civil annulment.Original Petition For Divorce To begin the divorce process a document called “Original Petition for Divorce” is filed with your local court clerk.

During the trial, both parties have the chance to argue their case before a judge.Those mean nothing if you go into court looking like something the cat dragged in or, acting like a bully and know it all.The judge will then examine all the evidence and make a decision based on what he feels would be a proper divorce settlement and outcome.It is at this time that either party may ask for restraining orders, protective orders or temporary orders pertaining to child support and alimony.The court can issue temporary orders that outline specific actions that must take place immediately and last until the final divorce hearing.Once a judge has made a decision the parties to the divorce will sign the final decree of divorce.The final decree states how any marital property will be divided, any orders pertaining to custody of the children, child support amounts and any spousal maintenance that is ordered and any other issues pertinent to the dissolution of the marriage.During mediation, both parties to the divorce and their attorneys meet to discuss any conflicts they may have and try to come to an agreement that meets the needs of both.The “mediator” is a court appointed attorney or arbitrator and is there to negotiate a settlement between the parties.Read carefully the wording of the final decree before signing.If you wish to make any changes, now is the time to request that be done.

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