Dating a girl with hearing aids

Many deaf people predicted our marriage fail because he is hearing and I am deaf..."-JAZ16"HOH..refuses to learn SL as well..frustrating situation for us both. I'm having to constantly tell him to LOOK at me, and repeat what he had just said...We have both talked it over, and he finally realized how difficult it is for me, and how frustrating it is for us to rely on lip readng alone.Buy a SL book and give it to him and see if he learn anything. ...bring some of your deaf friends over your house and sign.If he leaves the book on the coffee table, bring the book to bed... If he want to know what going on..give him the SL book or class brochure.Although most deaf people marry other deaf people, many have relationships with hearing people.

It does annoyed me hubby aint not bother sign guess he may be so jealous to see alot of friends whom deaf and he doesnt have one for himself, now he s startng to hard of hearing (HOH), losing his hearing.very hurtful..have my own wife shouting irritatedly at me does not make me feel any more secure in myself..."-ROWLANDT1"married to hearing guy, he use the only communication with me in SL but sometime I use my voice...important to tell your husband how do you feel...maybe give him few options like lipreading test/Speech reading, if you said the following phrases with no voice.See if your husband think you said I love you, Elephant Shoe, Olive Juice, island view, I'll have two..with your friend, if your family ask you what you just talk with your friend, tell them none of their business. Now I never feel left out when I eat dinner with my family..."-CILJ"wife who is hearing and she can sign very well.Since losing my hearing..a point of learning some SL.. She does get irritated with me when I don't understand something right away.If she has to repeat something more than once it can be very embarrassing, especially if we are in company, because she starts to get irritated with me and I start to feel flustered, making it even more difficult for me to concentrate and understand what's being said..It is getting frustrating"-HO1234"..frist i had to write everything then I got better at lip reading him but there is still time when I just want to say forget it and leave but I can't do that cause I love him..asking you to hear when she knows you can't she married you knowing your deaf and that you can't talk."-LAFUN69"He does sign a little... sadly, we are divorced now so keep up with him and teach him..."-SOFTSUMMER37"Why do deaf marry hearing people?..believe love will take care of everything..the time it wasn't important...was.... Is language now more important than the love you had in the beginging?I am signed up to learn SL..though he really feels it is unnecessary, he has learned to lip read so well..hearing is getting worse and I want to be prepared to help him."-DEIDRAHICKS"...surprised at the amount of resentment and anger towards hearing spouses...married 27 years..frustrations, yes, related to my not being able to hear sometimes, but NEVER because of not being able to communicate! To some deaf people, it is their very core of their being..."-LOLUV8"It's not about being deaf, or hearing -- it's about what you two share..relationships with hearing girls... An ideal marriage is one where one can communicate freely, and clearly; so that one can share life with each other...I even bought him a SL book but that didn't work...broke it off..."-MISSYB26"She wants me to learn to speak..out signs which i cant do.We use pen and paper and a little lip reading to communicate.

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