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Is the show making a metaphor between being a lesbian and being a secret superhero? Yeah, because when you think about it, she’s discovered these powers, and she’s struggling with the idea of what it means. Are they going to believe me, are they going to think I’m a freak? Discovering her powers could be the same way as her discovering her sexuality.Do you think Anissa and her dad will team up at some point?I’m really passionate, and although I’m not a lesbian, I can relate to being a black woman and feeling like we’ve lacked the representation over the years.

I spoke with Nafessa Williams about the mantle she’s taking on, what heroes of Black History Month she admires, and her brief flirtation with working in a homicide department instead of acting. When we watch TV, we want to see ourselves, and we want to become inspired by the characters we’re seeing. And more importantly, we just want to know we can connect with them.It’s been fans telling me they’re really, really happy to see themselves.I’ve gotten tweets like, “I’ve needed this, I’ve needed this.You’ve said that young black lesbians need to see themselves on TV. That’s why I feel like it’s important for young black lesbians to see themselves and be confident in themselves, to walk boldly in their sexuality.Also, if you watched the last episode, Anissa’s parents are very supportive.What’s it like to play a character who’s already fully out, and has been out since before the first episode? I always do a thorough biography of who my character is, and this is all something I create, as well as what’s already been written in the comic book.This character exists exactly the same way in the comic books, so you take what’s there and you do the research. I look really girly but I have a lot of Anissa in me.If they’re having issues or struggling with accepting their child’s sexuality, then hopefully my TV family can inspire them to love their child and support them, no matter what.Has that been reflected in your interactions with fans?She came out as a teenager, and they have supported her 100 percent.So I believe it’s important for parents of those young lesbians to see that as well.

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