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As the swordsman leaves, Zuko is angered and humiliated by his uncle's self-degradation.Meanwhile, Aang, Katara, and Sokka, while searching for an earthbending teacher for Aang, fly over a swamp.At that moment, a scream echoes through the swamp, startling the trio.Realizing a small, white bird was responsible for the sounds, Sokka decides to build a fire.However, after joyfully running over to meet her, her vision is revealed to be an ordinary stump; gasping in disbelief, Katara falls to her knees in tears.Sokka envisions Yue in spirit form, who says hauntingly to him, "You didn't protect me." Sokka refuses to believe what he has witnessed, clinging to the belief that there is a logical explanation for it.The two animals are confronted by the swamp-dwelling hunters Tho, Due, and their brethren, who are following them in canoes.Tho attempts to coax the animals toward him, but is unaware they understand his human speech, and when he casually mentions that they will become food once captured, Appa and Momo flee.

Disguised, Zuko resorts to using his Blue Spirit guise to help himself.

Appa roars in pain, but Momo whistles a second time.

Fed up, the bison arches his tail and slams it down onto his back, knocking Momo out cold and stopping the noise.

A swordsman approaches Iroh and has him sing for a gold coin.

As Iroh sings, the swordsman swings his blades at Iroh's feet to have him "dance".

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