Consolidating air

On 1 April 1924 the Canadian Air Force became the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

The RCAF operated from the Air Board's six original stations; Air Board Station Dartmouth became RCAF Station Dartmouth, which was the main operating base in Eastern Canada for RCAF detachments which deployed to remote locations throughout the Maritime Provinces.

The RCNAS provided a shore base for RCN 803, 825, 826 and 883 Squadron aircraft when not embarked on the aircraft carrier.

The RCAF-RCN landlord-tenant arrangement was terminated in December 1948.

Being the largest seaplane and landplane base in eastern Canada, Dartmouth was home at one time or another to nine RCAF long-range Bomber-Reconnaissance squadrons, whose Stranraer, Digby, Hudson, Catalina, Canso and Liberator aircraft flew thousands of hours on anti-submarine and convoy escort patrols over the north west Atlantic and Gulf of St. In fact, the RCAF's first mission of the Second World War was flown from RCAF Station Dartmouth on 10 September 1939 by a 5 Squadron Stranraer flying boat tasked to conduct a search for enemy ships off Halifax harbour.

On 1 April 1925 the RCAF inaugurated its first four operational squadrons with No.

In May 1941, the RCAF built the first radar station in North America at Preston NS, about ten kilometers north of Dartmouth, to detect enemy aircraft and direct the Dartmouth based fighters to their targets.

RCAF Station Dartmouth also formed its own Marine Squadron to service the flying boats at their anchorages in Eastern Passage.

4 (Operations) Squadron being formed at Dartmouth to conduct the RCAF's tasking in the Maritime Provinces.

On 1 July 1927 the RCAF's four squadrons were disbanded and all flying came under control of the Directorate of Civil Government Air Operations which was commanded, administered and staffed by RCAF officers.

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