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Gallagher admitted to Mechanick that his claim to be a paramedic was a lie.

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Gallagher was sexually abused as a child,” Mechanick added.

Shortly after receiving Mechanick’s report on October 28, Gallagher’s lawyer, Slade Mc Laughlin, dropped the civil suit against the individual defendants, on the night before jury selection.

Some speculate that Mc Laughlin, who did not respond to ’s requests for comment from him or his client, withdrew the suit because he’d already hit big with the deep-pocketed defendant in the case, the archdiocese.

On top of bombing out on the MMPI-2, Gallagher admitted he lied and provided “unreliable information” to Mechanick about his substance abuse and psychiatric history, as well as his personal and medical background.

After a painstaking review of the subject’s medical records gathered from 28 different drug rehab facilities, hospitals, doctors and drug counselors Gallagher visited, the psychiatrist wrote that Gallagher admitted he was “not always honest with his medical providers.” Such as in 2007 and again in 2011, when he claimed to be a paramedic and a professional surfer who had to give up the sport because of his drug addiction; he also claimed to have suffered a herniated disc.

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