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According to the Word of God, neither of you is truly showing love to each other. If he really loves you, he will want you (not just sex) and will be willing to wait until after the wedding.Chapter 6 How to Marry – The Friendship Stage Nearly every day, in personal, phone or email counseling, a young man, young woman, dad or mom will say something like this to me: I am fully convinced of the error of dating and the blessing of biblical courtship and betrothal. What is God’s step-by-step process for bringing about a marriage the biblical way?If you commit to follow the progression God has planned for a meaningful dating relationship, you will not be led astray.God gives us this specific warning to show what happens when inappropriate sexual passion is the priority.Though they may look alike on the surface, these two practices of relationship building are really very dissimilar at every point and result in radically different outcomes. Biblical Relationships Worldly Biblical Friendship Peer-oriented Family-oriented Dating For pleasure Explore for marriage Engagement Breakable proposal Binding promise Wedding Til divorce/remarry Til death do us part Notice, for example, that the world’s view of youth friendships is peer-oriented whereas the Bible’s view is family-oriented, providing oversight and protection by parents.While the world’s hormone-driven youth are dating for the purpose of personal pleasure, biblical families are involved in courtship for the purpose of investigating a potential spouse.Now, what Jesus declares here in capsule form is amplified by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians chapter 7.

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In the fairy tale, it’s a waiting game for both of them.Each building system involves four relational steps toward marriage.The worldly way of relationship building includes friendship, dating, engagement and the wedding. The biblical method likewise begins with friendship, but then moves through courtship and betrothal to finally arrive at the wedding.Christ’s only recorded comment on singleness is found in the context of His teaching on divorce in Matthew 19:8-12.In their stunned reply to Jesus’ very strict view on divorce and remarriage, His disciples suggested that it would actually be better just to remain single.Wait for God’s choice of a date who—by God’s design—might become your mate. But how do you know if you have found the right person to date? 1) to learn how to communicate with the opposite sex, 2) to help define what traits you desire in a future mate, 3) to come into contact with potential marriage partners, and 4) to grow socially, emotionally and spiritually. Titles of books that contain this word automatically guarantee increased sales. While the English language only has one word for love, the Greek language has multiple words, but with multiple meanings.And what’s more, how do you become the right person to date? In today’s world, most dating starts with eros: passionate or emotional love that comes and goes.That very practical question may be on your mind too, particularly after reading all that has been said in the prior chapters.If you have embraced God’s principles for romance (Chapter 1), renounced worldly dating (Chapter 2), prepared your children for betrothal (Chapter 3), and understood biblical guidance (Chapter 4), then you are ready to explore the actual practice of biblical courtship and betrothal, the constructing of a godly marriage.After all, they reasoned, a man may unwittingly marry a contentious woman who could make life miserable for him But there was something shortsighted about the disciples’ viewpoint.So beginning with the word but in verse 11, Jesus explains and then illustrates how a believer can have the strength not to remarry if he finds himself unbiblically divorced.

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