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Anthony the Great and Paul of Thebes, are the most recognized figures of monasticism movement.

By the end of the fifth century, there were many monasteries, cells, and thousands of caves scattered throughout the desert of Egypt; this made the pilgrims to visit Egypt occasionally to copy the spiritual lives of the desert fathers.

Saint Mark who was the writer of the gospel of Mark first introduced Christianity in Egypt.

He began teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ during the rule of Emperor Claudius.

The Copts also contributed significantly to the creation and organization of monasticism.

Monasticism is a spiritual approach to life in which one renounces worldly pursuits and commits himself or herself entirely to the Christian worship.

The Copts have thrived as a distinctive spiritual community making around ten to twenty percent of the population.It, however, did not last for long, in the 19th century under the rule of Muhammed Ali who abolished the tax on non-Muslims and allowed the Egyptian Christians (Coptic Christians) to take part in military services.In 1854-61, Pope Cyril IV reformed the church and encouraged the Coptic Christians to take part in political affairs.The term Copt was approved in English at the beginning of the seventeenth century.In accordance with new Latin, “Coptus” is derived from the Arabic language.The first school contributed to the growth of Christianity in Egypt since many scholars were created and they, in turn, went out and spread the gospel.An ecumenical council is a collection of religious persons such as bishops, pastors, and the entire church that gather together to discuss important matters of faith.Coptic Christianity was first introduced in Egypt in Alexandria by St. In this institution, scholars such as Clement and Pantanaeus taught students.Mark, and it spread like bush fire throughout Egypt within half a century. The students gained knowledge about Christianity and this led to the spread of Coptic Christianity in Egypt.Arabs conquered Egypt and fought with the Byzantine army in 641 CE.Local resistance by the Egyptians sprout after this conquest and only lasted until the ninth century.

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