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His life revolved around executing his workouts (and possibly shooting another movie).

Getting in the shape for Thor is part of his job as an actor.

To find your daily calorie needs, use this bmr calculator.

Then, to bulk like the Asgardian, add ~500 calories to that number to create a calorie surplus.

Average people like us are usually constrained by other obligations: work, family, friends, and others.

So, you may want to consider adapting this Thor Ragnarok inspired workout to better fit your schedule.

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If yes, then let's dive deep into the nitty gritty of this Thor Ragnarok inspired workout program, so you too can get jacked enough to battle against the Incredible Hulk and Hela (the Queen of the Dead).Chris Hemsworth is also very active outside of the gym, including his days off.Be sure to incorporate some light active recovery work on your days off as well to maximize your results.As mentioned, this isn't Chris Hemsworth's actual workout.It is a Thor inspired workout based on a combination of both of his trainers' workout philosophies. Abs are meant to be performed as a circuit with no rest between exercises.So far we covered the training program and nutrition. Having a mindset to become Thor is all too important and you probably won't get too far if you don't get that on point.Most likely, you don’t have a trainer to do this, so remember: All self-improvement begins in the mind.” And no matter where you are in your fitness journey, this article will show you how to get closer to the muscular, yet chiseled physique Chris Hemsworth has when playing Thor.When Chris originally accepted the role of Thor, he was a skinny Australian dude with a surfer type body.The recommended duration for this program is 12 weeks, but you can run it for up to 6 months at a time.Just listen to your body and take some time to deload as needed. Be sure to check out the man who inspired this workout in action on the silver screen as he is pit against the Hulk in an intergalactic battle and tries to save Asgard, all while preventing Ragnarok from happening.

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