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My job was to keep the series on the air as long as possible, which means finding ways for these characters to grow." "Rose Mc Gowan was the only person we saw for Paige.We didn't audition anyone else," Kern says, though he admits names like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tiffani Thiessen were tossed around."One of the challenges on the show was finding strong male characters that did not disempower our stars," Kern explains. By the time Season 3 drew to a close in 2001, behind-the-scenes tensions had come to a boil, ultimately resulting in Doherty's departure from the show."When you’re doing a show that focuses on female empowerment, the tendency is to get emasculated male characters, which is not good either. It was only supposed to be a seven-episode arc, but that arc turned into a two-year gig because he was just so fantastic." Sadly, Cole and Phoebe simply weren’t meant to last — though their on-and-off relationship did span nearly three seasons. “As much as Cole wanted to conquer his evil side, we knew the fun would be in the conflict of seeing him try. "It was a sensitive time for a lot of people," Kern acknowledges. I’d rather not get into the dirty laundry this many years later, but it is safe to say that there were changes being thought about." Season 3’s Kern-penned finale, which ended with all three sisters in mortal danger, “gave everyone options about what they were or were not going to do,” he explains.Rose’s quirky, approachable personality shined through and gave us plenty to work with." To this day, fans note with disapproval that all photos of Prue vanished from the manor after her death — but it turns out there's a very good reason for that: Explains Kern, “I tried like crazy to get her in flashbacks and to have photographs of her on the walls, but what I was told — and I've subsequently been told that this is not the case — by the studio that we would have to pay her per-episode fee, which we couldn't afford, if we were even just going to use a photo of her.

"This story may be over, but the magic lives on — and I felt I accomplished that." Despite Prue's memory factoring into the series finale, "there was no talk about bringing [Shannen Doherty] back physically," Kern says. But there were a lot of internal issues that led up to her leaving … It just felt like that was probably not ever going to be able to happen.When Ted meets Robin, he decides that it is love at first sight, but destiny has in store something else."During the first year of Charmed, we were trying to figure out what the show was going to be," showrunner Brad Kern recalls. How do we keep the focus on the sisters without having the magic overshadow them?"I felt strongly that, by that point in the series, we'd given the show a foundational reality," he explains."We tried to play out life events as real as possible. That's how we buy all the magic, because the sisters are real.” "The other concern,” Kern notes, “was that we had demons popping in every week."We were replacing Shannen Doherty, who was a star, and there was some talk about how well the show would do without her.There was resistance from some quote-unquote stars to take that risk." "It worked out to our benefit," Kern says, "because Rose presented a wholly different character and a light, goofy approach — the opposite of what Shannen had brought to the show.If the network were to say ‘You’re keeping your entire cast,’ I simply would have written a way out of it in Season 4.” "Once it was clear to us that Shannen wouldn’t be coming back, we were scrambling," Kern admits."The Power of Three was baked into the DNA of the series, so the question was: How do we replicate the Power of Three when one of the sisters has died?2030 Year: Ted tells his children about How I Met Your Mother.All troubles begin with the fact that Ted's best friend, Marshall, suddenly tells him about his descision to make an offer to girlfriend Lily, a kindergarten teacher.

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