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Every major financial website will have a “get quotes” section where you can enter a security ticker symbol and it will tell you what price the security is trading at. To calculate how many shares I can buy, I have to divide the desired purchase amount by the share price and then drop any decimals.This can also be done on the trading platform at your discount brokerage. 86 (desired purchase amount) / .12 (share price) = 81.57439 shares.Whether they are high priced or low priced, mutual funds are pretty easy to buy.You just tell your advisor which funds to buy and hand a cheque over.

If I type in “i Shares real return bond”, it returns the symbol “XRB. Hmmm…so why does the i Shares site say the ticker symbol is “XRB” and Yahoo says it’s “XRB. If the security you wish to purchase is Canadian, it will likely be traded on the TSX (Toronto stock exchange) and you have to select that stock exchange when making the order.

Most Canadians do their investing with banks or financial advisors.

When they want to invest in equities, typically mutual funds are used.

This article will be useful if you already know what stock or ETF you want to buy, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about making it happen.

It might also convince you to stick with mutual funds. Here is my Canadian discount brokerage comparison for reference. You can’t buy anything if there isn’t any money in your account.

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