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Apple has been the pioneer in accessibility for smartphones and tablets but some of the Android operating systems have started to catch up.Below find details of some of their accessibility functionality.This makes it cheaper, easier and more efficient for people with disabilities to perform a wide range of tasks.It can also help to remove the stigma of having a large dedicated A. device that stands-out, as these days everyone walks around with a phone in their hand!Older versions of the phone may run on older versions of the operating system so may not have all the features listed here.To access most accessibility options in your i Phone, go to Settings-General-Accessibility.There are apps available that have been designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, for example, Prologue2Go, a text-to-speech app for people who have difficulty with their speech.

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To access most accessibility options in your Android phone, go to Settings-Accessibility.The operating system is the software the phone uses to provide all its functionality and it determines how the person navigates around their phone, accesses the internet, finds and downloads apps and their general experience of the phone.Some phones operating systems’ are more accessible for people with disabilities than others, though most phones today have some basic accessibility functions that make them easier to use.The main operating systems are Apple i OS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows.Let’s take a look at just some of the access features integrated into the two main operating systems, Android and Apple i OS.Though smartphones and tablets have some integrated accessibility functions, it is the apps (applications) you download that can transform them into a personalised AT device to help you live more independently.There are over four million apps currently available, ranging in cost from free to €200 ."; var $cdn = ; var $dlc_copyright = '*Access to The Elder Scrolls Online DLC game packs requires an active ESO Plus™ membership.Smartphones and tablet PCs have revolutionised mobile technology and the way we communicate today.The Android operating system developed by Google is used on a range of different devices including smartphones and tablet PC’s from Samsung, Acer, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc.Therefore it does not have as many integrated accessibility features and not all phones using the Android operating system will have all the accessibility features listed below.

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