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I hadn't even realised yet what would have been a catastrophic error when I heard someone calling me at the baggage claim.

who the kindly crew member was, but assures us it's a true story - as is the remarkably similar alternative they offered had everyone laughing and distracted from the 45-minute wait." An elderly American couple were flying from Iceland's Keflavik to Amsterdam in order to catch a cruise - but a flight delay on arrival at Amsterdam meant it was looking like they were going to miss the boat.“There were two flight attendants that helped us... The captain of the ship did wait for us and the driver was waiting in the terminal with a sign. Our cruise to the British Isles was wonderful.” However much airlines try to jazz up safety videos, nothing will ever come close to the performance of crew member Nicholas Demore on a flight from Dallas to Las Vegas in November 2017.Me and my partner, we are both flying crews, so there are days where I would be at base and he'll be flying or vice versa. Every time you send them to the airport for their next flight, the saying "be good and have safe flight" becomes an emotional one (sometimes).But like every other relationship, you have to put in effort to make it work.His black Mercedes was parked right outside the terminal. Forgoing formal procedure, he treated passengers to an innovative burlesque-like rendition, using a seat belt in lieu of a feather boa, fanning himself with a safety card and strutting down the aisle with an expression of glee.Footage of his antics quickly went viral, and Demore himself said: “With what is happening in today’s world, people need to smile more and that is why I do my fun safety demo.I think the family were overwhelmed by the gesture as his mum was very emotional.It was really lovely.” A Delta customer was flying home with her children from Disney to New York when she left her bag in the overhead compartment while trying to manage her two children aged eight and four.“The bag had my daughter's most prized (new) possession," said the woman."A big fluffy stuffed animal from the Magic Kingdom.

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