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We learn that the first woolen goods were manufac- tured in Asia two thousand years before the Christian era. The British mutton breeds are very prolific, frequently giving birth to twins, sometimes trip- lets and occasionally quartets.

105 South Devon Rams 106 Roscommon Sheep 108 Ryeland Shearling Ram 110 Exmoor in Full Fleece Ill Exmoor Ram out of Fleece ; 112 Lonk Sheep 114 Herdwick Ram 116 The Herdwick at Home 117 Kerry Hill Ewes -^ 119 Gritstone Ewes and Lamb .'. The flocks of Spain were divided into two classes the travel- ing and the stationary. No mat- ter in what direction our eyes are turned on the live stock breeders' horizon, Shropshire ap- pears in indelible characters.

246 Hauling Wool by Traction Power 248 Range Scene in "Lonesome Val 1 cv," Anrona 250 Pig-Mouthed" Sheep \ 271 Looking Backward" 272 Reminiscence of the Louisiana Purchase *Exposiflbn!! .*273 Outline of Blanket 279 Early Lamb Raising Barn '. In these records proof is found that the people who inhabited the Lake Dwellings, and who be- longed to the Neolithic Age, were good architects, well up in agri- culture and stock raising, and that cattle, sheep and goats were raised extensively by them and that they carried on a large busi- ness in woolen cloths. For instance, the cost of a yearling ewe or a two- year-old ewe of the Shropshire breed would be similar to that of a ewe of the other breeds of similar age and .quality.

The sheep belongs to the genus ovis (signifying with or with- out horns) and is a ruminant of the pair-toed section of hoofed Bearded or Barbary Sheep. The oldest record of sheep is found in an account of the excavations of the Swiss Lake Dwellings. The value of ordinary breeding stock of the different breeds does not vary to any very appreciable extent; especially is this true of the females.

In selecting the illustrations for this work it has been the aim of the writer to use only first class photographs, as drawings of animals are always more or less misleading and consequently disappointing. Kilda Sheep Sheep of the Philippine Islands Holland Sheep The "Mayo Horny" Sheep The Crimean Sheep. Sheep on the Average Farm Profits Hints to Beginners Environ- ment Aristocracy and Sheep Millionaire Flockmasters Sheep Farming in England The Shepherd Selection of Breeding Stock Constitution Points of Sheep The Fleece The Skin Select Only Healthy Stock The Ram Selection of the Ram On the Care of the Ram The Breeding Season Period of Gestation Flushing Bre'eding the Ewes Barren Ewes Care of the Ewe Marking the Lambs Breeding In-Breeding In- Breeding and "Climatic Out-Crossing" Breeding Ewe Lambs Control- ling the Sex Prolificacy Twins vs. Non-Docking Shearing Few Shearing Machines Dipping Sheep Wagons An Idbal Ranare Sheep Pea-Fed Lambs "Loco*' Poisoning Alkali Poisoning. It may doubtless be of very good advantage to obtain of those kindes ; -and also of Span- ish sheep that bear such fine fleeces." No breed of domestic sheep is indigenous to the United States. Adney did considerable of his work as an improver of the breed. Meire's sheep possessed surprising constitutional vigor is shown by the fact that his great ram "Magnum Bonum" was in service eleven seasons, and his dam lived to be twenty years old. Meire captured all the premiums, and this with entries from Mr. He is said to have favored rather light, uni- formly-tinted features, also wool and quality rather than size. Smith's flock, which was so well known at one time, was at first principally descended from Mr. 21 Meire's stock, the great characteristic of all his sheep being quality. Smith in his flock, so long as his health permitted.

The author takes great pleasure in acknowledging the assist- ance rendered him by those gentlemen whose names are mentioned from time to time in the pages of this work, without which it never could have appeared in anything like the complete state in which it is presented. BRITISH BREEDS The Shropshire The Hampshire The Southdown The Oxford The Suffolk The Dorset Down The Dorset Horn The Cheviot The Lincoln The Cotswold The Leicester The Border Leicester The Romney Marsh The Devon Longwool Wensleydales The Dartmoor South Hams The Roscommon The Ryeland The Ex- moor Lonk Sheep The Herdwick Kerry Hill Sheep Gritstone Sheep Welsh Mountain Sheep^-The Radnor Sheep The Blackface Highland The Clun Forest Sheep The Norfolk Sheep Wiltshire Sheep The York or Penistone Sheep Berkshire Sheep Breton Sheep Orkney Island Sheep Shetland Sheep The Larzac Sheep The Himalayan Mountain Sheep Abyssinian Sheep Somaliland Sheep The Wallachian Sheep Barbados Sheep Tibet Sheep Astrachan Sheep Iceland Sheep St. Wild Animals and Their De- struction Third in Number of Sheep Merino Breeds Cross Well Cat- tle Giving Way to Sheep Range War "Old Bare-Belly" not Profitable Finewools Best Delaines Good for New Mexico The Rambouillet the Ideal Sheep Advice on Selling Wool Good Herders a Problem Herd- ers' Tricks False Economy Corral Problems The "Bumming" System Docking vs. Starting on the Circuit Coloring Trimming Exercising Show Sheep Classes Overheating Training Reducing Exhibition Sheep Blanketing Judging Type -On Foot and on Block. It is also reported that they sometimes bear lambs twice in the year. It would appear that historians are a unit in that Mr. George Adney, although working on somewhat different lines, laid the foundation of the Shropshire breed. Meire operated at Berrington, until he left that farm and went to live on his own estate at Harley, in the same parish where Mr. Meire gave up Berrington Farm he took but a few ewes to Harley, not more than forty, authorities claim. Meire's first ram sale netted him the equivalent of .50 per head for fourteen head.

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