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It may likely cause killing of Yoruba’s in the North and killing of Hausa in the East, which if God did not intervene, it may likely leads to Nigerian civil War II.

For everlasting maintenance of peace is to free Hamza not to hang him for death.

Yes, you can find him in the cafe at The Deep and in the much aclaimed restaurant, eat your pudding whilst being watched by sharks & rays.

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Narrowing the suggestions down to 'hm, thats sounds good', we began test mixes of things like white choccy & raspberry, chocolate n orange & honeycombe toffee [we are still experementing with 'soft' or 'crisp'].

When not playing with flavours, we were making contact with new customers and getting a little carried away with our graphics, mr moo seemed to be enjoying learning how to play rugby league & diving!

A Major of Nigerian military who was very obedient to his Boss Gen.

Sani Abacha and also Loyal to military decree of 1993.

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  1. His extensive knowledge of the area's soils and climate was augmented by the research of Californian Professor Harold Olmo in 1955 during a government-sponsored trip to Western Australia.