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Possibly the most welcoming of all the tropical Asian countries both for holiday vacation and retiree living, is the Philippines.While Malaysia may have better infrastructure and even a special retirement scheme for single foreigners or expat couples, there's little doubt that the Philippines has much more to offer in the way of a holiday lifestyle and entertainment, especially for the single male!The local word for a spouse (wife or husband) is Asawa.Taking things a step further, it is easy to get yourself into 'hot water' and probably lose a lot of money if you go blindly into a relationship (we're not talking about casual liaisons here) with an Asian (Thai or Filipina) woman.Most choose by default to learn the hard way by making their own mistakes. Smarter guys learn from others' experiences and problems first, then tread carefully. Visit our next page for more information and insight into relationships in the Western male, Philippines female context, including two excellent manuals on how best to handle these important issues. Situated in Brunei’s capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan, Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam provides the perfect home base for both corporate travellers and vacationers, and it sits just 15 minutes from Brunei International Airport (BWN) for added convenience.

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Apart from the capital Manila, Angeles City is a favourite with tourists, foreign retirees and residents alike.

Most people will take a holiday first to find out more about where they might want to retire.

Davao City, Boracay Island, Cebu City, Puerto Galera and Palawan are all popular locations among the Philippines' 7,000 islands. Timeshare in the Philippines The best way to decide if the Philippines is ideal for your retirement is to vacation there.

Over the centuries, Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese traders visited the islands, all leaving the mark of their own Asian cultures as well as those of Spain and South America, including the Portuguese-speaking countries.

So this has influenced music, clothing and fashion, and most of all, the food.

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