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Unfortunately the recent 6.7 update is causing many problems.First of, when selecting Author I am immediately in the Edit Mode with the choice of Cancel or Save.I have now figured out that to add a new book title to an Author I need to select Add Edition in the Author Edit mode.

It does not appear I can just update the license keys, but need to upload with WP Property and Addons again? Will my settings still remain the same or will I lose all the work already done?

As well, I have now noticed that many of the book entries listed under each Author have lost their Copyright Date altogether.

I used this feature to list all my books in chronological order.

I have emailed my concerns but have yet to hear a response, & the web page, twitter & Facebook accounts show no recent activity at all.

I have put a lot of effort into cataloguing my book library (in fact I have only reached T in my goal to catalogue them all) & felt that I was getting close to finishing but I now have to got through the whole list of Authors & Books in order to check for any mistakes. I'm currently looking into what is causing problems for some people.

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