Black and white dating for teenagers

Men of ANY race do NOT want their daughters to date blacks.This is not a uniquely white thing, I'm hispanic and my family would give me shit if i ever dated a black.So what they do is go way overboard to try and be more black to make up for their inner feelings of not being black enough. They will not relate to you, a white man, at all hardly. Raised filth rich like a white person completely detached from the real black community. A part of it is shown in the media too where they can show white guys with women of color anytime in movies but if they show a handsome Korean guy making out with a pretty blonde, everyone goes berserk.This is a user-contributed, ever-expanding list of theatrical and made-for-TV movies that feature romantic relationships between black women and white men.Some of the relationships depicted aren’t entirely , of course.

Here's a truth that the MSM and pop culture try to suppress: Blacks are VERY ugly, they have shitty hair, they have giant lips, beady little eyes, massive noses. I feel like there is an unwritten rule in American society where white men can date and hook up good looking women of minority groups and no one will say a thing but if minorities date attractive white women, everyone loses their shit. Not just white men themselves who hate these sorts of interracial couples, women of color hate them even more.There is nothing aesthetically beautiful about them which is why their women try to look as white as possible, and why the pop culture essentially has to sell mulattoes as the standard negro.Not to long ago there was data from Ok Cupid that showed that black males were at the bottom of the desirability totem pole.The oldest of my sisters and the youngest of my sisters both decided to stray from my Fathers warning. They did go after a specific type of black man, football players. Mixing races isn't a bad thing, but there are definitely stigmas attached to it. The underlying hate in American society towards white women going interracial is probably worse than it is anywhere else in the world. My wife doesn't speak to hers and hates any man from any culture even remotely close to hers.In the end both have consequences to live with, the youngest one moreso, she got pregnant after the 7th dude she fucked in a 3 month period. My Dad specifically stated that he had no problem with an exceptional black man dating his daughters, the only problem was that he never met an exceptional black man. I found that in Europe, it was less of an issue about race and more about SMV. If we go into a corner shop (7/11 for you yanks) the Asian men look at me with Medusa eyes. And if you look at white women with black men, there's always a story. White women don't get mad if a white guy dates a black girl.Nobody except trashy people of either race wants to date a black male, or even female.There is no race that will generally be okay with mixing with blacks, and I've only touched upon their aesthetics, when you get into their nature, that opens a can of worms.My Father and Mother raised my three sisters and me with the idea in mind that races shouldn't mix. I've known beautiful white European women who were open minded, moved to the USA, started dating a minority (in some cases a brown or asian guy), and the hate they received was eye opening.I am the oldest of my siblings, I listened to their advice and didn't get involved with black chicks. All of this is part of the reason why it is so rare to see beautiful white women go for minorities in the USA, especially of the non-black variety.

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  1. So for someone like me to say that X city is more attractive than Y city, I need to make sure that I’m not talking about my personal tastes, but an average of tastes over a wide variety of men.