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Moving on, your route takes you briefly into a residential area but even this area is scenic, then it's back into rural Cornwall with its wide vistas and puffy clouds.

You will occasionally see a windmill in the distance in this area of northwest England.

Then it snaked west to Hove Lawns, and back on itself to the naturist beach in Kemptown, where a sauna – and an after-party at Volks – awaited.

Dartmoor National Park was utilized for part of Stage 7 of the 2012 Tour of Britain and this section of our cycling route has twists and turns which reveal scenic vistas in the distance.Around almost every turn there's some new scenic delight to enjoy.Eventually the Devon terrain changes to the typical Dartmoor landscape of uncultivated hill land with low growing vegetation. It is reputedly the haunt of pixies, a headless horseman, a mysterious pack of "spectral hounds", and a large black dog, among others.Some sported skimpy shorts or nipple tassels, but most wore nothing but a cycling helmet and a smile.A few had chosen to decorate themselves with body paint or slogans, including “Nude Not Rude”, Suns Out, Bums Out”, and “Burn Carbohydrates, not Hydrocarbons”.As you descend the hill, you wish this could go on forever.You pass a few homes as you proceed downhill along with some intrepid British hikers.Indigenous to Dartmoor, and well adapted to its pastures and moors, Whiteface Dartmoor sheep are as much part of its landscape as are the tors, heath and hill ponies.Sheep are not only permitted to roam free here in Dartmoor but actually have the right-of-way and often lie in the roadway.Pebbles Maloney on the Doodlecat stand, whose paintbrush had spent the morning circumnavigating areolae and covering up cracks, said: “It’s a really fun day, I’m really enjoying myself.“It’s very liberating, for me and for everyone, I think it’s a lovely event.” This year’s event had a “Bike for Women” theme, with one or two participants dressed – or barely dressed – as suffragettes.

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