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Guessing you've never taken any art/design classes.

Its been scientifically proven that colors (color science) are tied to emotions.

After you’ve granted it permission to access your Instagram content, it’ll ask you to upload the next photo you plan on posting.

Once it’s been uploaded, the Tomorrow’s World chatbot will take roughly five to ten minutes to analyze the image, taking into account the colors, composition, and even landmarks that may be in the image.

Emotion is the one thing I think that cannot be analyzed and scored by any type of AI (or computer, at least not yet).

What emotion a certain photo might evoke from an individual varies greatly.

Such as a particular element might evoke a strong feeling of happiness or fond memories for one person, but that same image might trigger a strong distaste for the same subject or anger by another person. Interesting, but I'd question is accuracy overall especially when you factor the emotional component in.

So at best, I'm thinking it works primarily off of analysis of keywords in comments and likes.

To test the chatbot, we used an image from the Lamborghini Huracan camera car article yesterday. Not bad considering it received zeroes in emotions and landmarks.

The color aspect of the scoring, that I can understand.

Perhaps the AI recognizes photos that have a lot of blue, or mostly yellow receive more likes and comments than those that omit it. But Emotion and human response is a bit more complex and it often also depends on the individual's experiences.

They are the nymphs of Greek mythology, and not even the gods were able to resist them, knowing very well that their bodies are a place of knowledge that could lead to insanity.

The paradox of the nymph is that possessing her means being possessed.

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