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But it still cycles real smooth and the action was well oiled when I broke it down. 520-30 was a later gun that was made as a trench gun and in "trade brands" but I've never found it shown in a Stevens catalogue, just the parts lists as a Stevens Model 520A -- Sorry it took me a few days to get some pictures up. Hopefully with the pics one of you guys who knows more could identify the age. RANGER is the name used by Sears Roebuck and Company on most of their firearms. Stevens Tool & Die Manufacturing Company had a very suspicious fire immediately after the First World War (after an allegation of fraud by the Inspector General for payments received on war-time military contracts).

I was going to try and take it out for some trap later this week and wanted to know what type of loads I should be putting through it. They're a little crude from using a webcam but hopefully it can help someone identify. The guns, rifles and shotguns, were made by many companies. The statement from the Savage Historian -- "Serial numbers are not generally available for Stevens arms. Produced in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, the Stevens Model 520 is a circa 1904 John M. Sears & Roebucks and Montgomery Wards had their own branded-variants (made by Stevens). The fire supposedly destroyed all the production records to that point in time.

Darren from Vivotek stopped by yesterday and I'm excited to test their latest technology next week - stay tuned WGG Fans for better pictures of the grass!

;-) Not surprisingly, he uses Vivotek cameras at his personal house ...

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I don't know much about ammo but I'm hoping suitable rounds for this gun wont be much more expensive, I'm just a poor college student . Although it doesnt have any of the markings like J. The currant Historian is John T Callahan, 53 Old Quarry Road, Westfield, MA 01085 and the last price I saw quoted was . The Sears versions were called both Ranger Model 30s and Model 35s (pre-WWII), and then the JC Higgins Model 102.25 (after WWII). Your gun appears to be post 1927 (because of the safety location) but pre-1940, which is apparently when the 520-30s began production (retooled and produced at the behest of the War Department for trench guns).

Hey all, I've been poking around this site for a bit and realized the wealth of knowledge floating around here so I figured I'd try my luck and see if someone could help me out with a few things.

I just picked up an old Stevens 520 pump the other day and really wanted to find the age of it and maybe an approximate value.

and after downloading an image every 2 seconds, that's over a 100,000,000 pictures of my front lawn!

It's still going strong, but technology has advanced with improved image quality & resolution plus much better low-light performance.

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