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There's a slight chance, very slight, that David Mamet is a genius.

As a writer, his blunt, edgy, and constantly interrupted dialogue has earned him a lot of weight, so much so that he is considered one of the more important playwrights of the last 25 years or so.

And now Ling claims her scene was cut from Episode III after the Playboy session, stating, "I see the human body as beautiful and not pornographic, but maybe the Star Wars producers did not see what I did.

I am in shock." But creator and director George Lucas denies the allegations, hitting back, "She was cut out of the movie very early on.

Chinese actress Bai Ling has accused bosses of the latest Star Wars installment of cutting her scenes from the movie after discovering she posed for men's magazine Playboy.

The 34-year-old beauty poses with a light saber and very little clothing in the upcoming, racy spread, themed around her appearance in EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH.

Sure, he's muscular and menacing, with a façade both funny and frightening.

Now, he's been kidnapped by Asian mobsters who want to harvest his vital organs.In Glengarry, he wrote with blood and thunder about the rigorous work of real estate salesmen and in Oleanna, he split the sexual harassment debate so thinly that you couldn't see his opinion without microscope eyes.With Edmond however, he lays everything out for the audience and world to see, allowing the character to often pontificate on basic musings like what it's like to feel alive and the mundane nature of normal life.As a director, he is precise and extremely-well calculated, if not a bit lacking in aesthetic substance and style.When he directs his own work, it tends to go remarkably smooth, as it did in the fantastic Heist and his best film, State and Main.However, when put in the hands of others, sometimes it goes exceedingly well (James Foster's Glengarry Glen Ross) or exceedingly bad (Michael Corrente's American Buffalo).The latest is a retelling of his play Edmond by King of the Ants helmer Stuart Gordon.In films like Death Race and The Transporter, he's often nothing more than a cut clothesline to hang stunts on.The same could be said for his work in the grand guilty pleasure Crank.He finally settles on a waitress (Julia Stiles) who he picks up after attacking a pimp and finding a newfound love for life.This passion, however, leads to a terrible act that lands him in jail and doing things that he was scared of before, constantly saying "every fear hides a wish."Mamet's sly style of writing somehow seems lacking here.

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