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That country held most of the research and development workers, many of whom occupied the company's seven buildings on Ha Barzel in the Ramat Ha Hayal district of Tel Aviv, while business and marketing operations were stationed in the company's Woodbury, New York headquarters.

Alexander, finance chief David Kreinberg, and former senior general counsel William Sorin (both of whom had also stepped down) were charged in July 2006 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York with multiple counts of conspiracy, fraud, money laundering and making false filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), all related to alleged options backdating or other actions related to stock options between 19.

Alexander fled the country to Namibia where he engaged in a prolonged fight against extradition.

The scandal proved difficult for Comverse Technology to recover from; the company was delisted from Nasdaq, removed from the S&P 500, and spent the next several years consumed by the costly need to restate its financial reports for several years.

Comverse Technology, Inc., founded in Israel, was a technology company located in Woodbury, New York in the United States, that developed and marketed telecommunications software.

The company focused on providing value-added services to telecommunication service providers, in particular to mobile network operators.

By the mid-1990s, one of its most successful products allowed legal authorities and intelligence agencies to record and store data collected from intercepted communications.

The accusations against the three included the backdating of options to when Comverse stock had been trading at low prices, the use of fake names of option holders, and the creation of secret funds in which to hold the illicit gains.

By then, Alexander had already fled the country and was classified a wanted fugitive in August 2006 by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Upon leaving the US he had transferred some million to Israel, with most of that ending up in Namibia; another million was blocked by the US government, which overall sought the forfeiture of 8 million of Alexander's assets.

While over a hundred companies were investigated or charged with options backdating, Comverse was one of the most known cases, and in the words of a pair of financial writers, "Comverse was the poster child for stock option fraud." In 2009, the SEC settled its case with Comverse Technology; the company would not be subject to penalty fines over the backdating matter, but would accept a permanent injunction against itself regarding any future violations of law regarding publicly traded companies.

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