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When they are engaged for marriage they are "fidanzati", fiancees and it is usually an official thing that involves parents and friend and dates and places and so on. You meet someone, you read each other, you like each other and you begin the dances of love and courtship until one of the two go beyond the facade and makes an approach (usually with a kiss) or a proposal (this happened in old times).When you feel good in passing your time with someone you stick to that person and you just continue to stick, from then on, until you like it.And don't expect to be the only female of his life (now and tomorrow). The remains of his past will always be on the way, with you or without you, unless you're just touching and go. If you're in your 20s things are considerably easier: you won't date on same age unless you already established contacts on social network, so I won't speak about this. As 20-something you should already know them better than me.If you're in your 30s be prepared to very complicated situations, lot of social implicatioms, lot of ex- and wannabe- girfriends, in a average rate increasing proportionally with the good look of your candidate. Unless you meet men in their 30/40s (that is QUITE common, even if you won't flag it with friends). In that case just follow the dance and the pretender will know how to lead it.And - as strange as you may consider that - italian men are used to italian women and their expectations.You'd better cope with that.4 - social class and regional differences Italians are used to sniffer each other througfully, using multiple parameters at the same time, and adjusting them on occasion.No one will go bragging on public about this habits but you never know. And one last thing: don't expect men to pay for you, unless there is an explicit invitation.Italian women (under 50) consider offensive such a behavior.

That's a fact, here and anywhere in the world. You know, there are LOT of attractive italian women out there, and usually they dont like to take prisoners. Bones, usually dried out of any sentimental juice, despite the good look.

Italians tend to be (at least formally and officially) monogamous.

Jealousy is widespread and quite common especially in southern Italy.

As well as expectations on family obligations (not to mention marriage). Pornography is not against law, as well as prostitution. Having sex with more than a partner (especially below 40s) is tolerated.

This includes multiple partners at the same time and eventually occasion. No one will be upset if you are asking for that (and of course you shouldn't too).

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