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The focus is on books published prior to 1923 in the U. Some of these artists were never given credit in the books for their work, and are only listed here by the signatures on the illustrations. Those humans remaining have reverted to medieval fuedalism where knowledge and learning are frowned upon.

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— This is a wonderful book, covering Kingfishers, Hummingbirds, Crows, Sparrows, Orioles, Sea Gulls, and many more. Excellent photo illustrations with several color tinted photos....

— A fascinating book on life for a woman travelling through Europe alone, with other female friends and with her husband. We was friends with Theodore Roosevelt, helped raise public awareness against patent medicines (and helped to start the beginnings of the FDA), led the fight to save Niagara Falls from the electric companies and much more.

— An interesting autobiography of an imigrant boy who meets famous writers of the time and goes on to be the editor of the Ladies Home Journal.

Chapters include: Vines, Roses, Annuals, Garden Furniture, etc.

— This is a superb gardening book from the Arts & Crafts period with lists of plants that are able to be grown in the NY City growing zone.

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