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They are a source of alternative points of view, without which a democratic citizenry cannot long sustain its freedom.

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To do that, I give you the unvarnished views of the world about us as “U.In my work with current events and how they trend in prophecy, I take care and time to vet my news sources.You get to know how good they are by double-checking their sources and measuring the accuracy of their reports against the judge of time and actual events.I’ve been vetting for over four years and counting and have found them to be the last network on television to perform a fair and balanced public service.They present all sides of an issue, and question power and authority in Washington.On Monday RT America, the American news bureau of RT (Russia Today, was forced to comply with the US Justice Department’s ultimatum to register as a “Foreign Agent” or face an immediate freezing of all its bank accounts. It may be the first step fulfilling a forecast I already outlined last year to insert into my upcoming biannual book of world prophecies, .A year ago, I foresaw the potential that the last real news network on television would have its plug pulled by the US government in 2018.The red-white and blue light of American isolationism does not blind me.If you’re still reading Hogueprophecy all these years, you are enjoying a more enlightened American and refreshing worldview at my website and in my books.Soon they’d be singled out and purged as an “American” sympathizer, a fifth columnist, an American spy, part of an American propaganda organ, and so on.The last time United States fell under the hysteria of unfounded conspiracies pinned on Russians was during US Senator Joseph Mc Carthy’s attempt in the late 1940s and early 1950s to silence and purge liberal Hollywood actors, authors, and scriptwriters.

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