Aspx designer file not updating

Fail Parent On Failure If this task fails does the parent container? the For Each Loop Container and this would then be the parent.Forced Execution Value This property allows you to hard code an execution value for the task.The task will open on the general tab as shown below.Take a bit of time to have a look around here as throughout this article we will be revisting this page many times.Description Very simply the description of your Task. You can also set this through a context menu by right clicking on the task itself.Disable Event Handlers As a result of events that happen in the task, should the event handlers for the container fire?

Expressions Expressions as we mentioned earlier are a really powerful tool in SSIS and this graphic below shows us a small peek of what you can do.

As with SQL Server 2000 DTS, SSIS allows you to output values from this task in a number of formats.

Have a look at the combobox next to the property you will see the ways in which you can pass a SQL Statement into the task itself.

Watch out for this as their usefulness will astound you.

For a more detailed discussion of what should be the parameter markers in the SQL Statements on the General tab and how to map them to variables on the Parameter Mapping tab see Working with Parameters and Return Codes in the Execute SQL Task.

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