Asp gridview rowupdating event

The Bind Grid method is our own function that we will create later on.The method essentially binds the Grid View with a Data View.In database tables, we have some specific codes which have specific meaning.Programmers are aware of the significance of these codes but end users won’t understand what a particular code means.Add the following code in the Row Editing event handler: We need to set the Edit Index property of the Grid View to this new edit index.

The following figure shows the Grid View after implementing paging.

This property is not of much when you are sorting the grid on your own.

The Cancel property allows you to cancel the sorting operation.

The Data View supplies all the records from the Employees table. There are two events of Grid View that are related to paging.

Page Index Changing Page Index Changed The former event is raised before the current page changes and the later is raised after the page has changed. This argument provides the new page number that the user has selected via a property called New Page Index.

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