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In this article, I want to attempt to get into the minds of the parents I had previously maligned, to speculate on why they might feel so strongly about topics like their children's choices of college majors and careers.I've drawn much of the material from conversations with and about Chinese immigrants in my parents' generation.I know it's tempting to go absolutely nuts as soon as you are able to escape your oppressive Asian household, but c'mon, it's so damn cliched, and your peers will think that you're pathetic.) I think Option 2 is noble but destined to fail. Because your parents will never take your words seriously.In traditional Asian culture, age equals wisdom, so since kids are young, then by definition they have little wisdom, and hence their opinions should not be taken seriously.Your American friends might get to have open discussions and back-and-forth debates with their parents, but you will never get to do that, since your parents will never consider you as an intellectual equal.Despite the fact that you know far more about how things work in American society than they do, they will still stand firm by their antiquated 'old-world' Asian views. I will spend the rest of this article helping you to understand why your parents might feel the way that they do about teenage social life, grades, and college, and why they can't help but feel that way (no more than you can help feeling how you feel about being a teenager in American society).

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As someone who grew up with abusive parents and who has undergone professional counselling, I think that the advice you give to abused children to "understand" their parents is extremely damaging.

If your parents were reasonable people, then you wouldn't be reading this article in the first place.

(One more tip to remember for your future: Please don't go ass-wild as soon as you start college, as so many of your fellow Asian-American youths do.

If you think that you can get your parents to change their ways by simply rebelling, then you will be in for a rude surprise.

Your parents will likely blame American society, the media, your friends, and especially you for your rebellious behavior, but they won't ever blame themselves or try to adapt to cater to your needs.

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