Are mya and dmitry dating

Carrie Ann called it “gorgeous” and “wonderful” and ended with a serious of “woo” noises.Bruno raved, calling her a “sexy beast.” (Tonight, Natalie said, “I think he liked Donny a little bit more than me.”) Carrie Ann and Bruno gave the couple 9’s; Len, just because, gave them an 8.The lowest-scoring couple, the former NFL star Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova, at least looked like they were enjoying themselves on Monday doing the samba.But as Bruno pointed out, Michael was hitting the wrong foot throughout, and as Carrie Ann pointed out, he was dancing too small for such a big guy, and as Len pointed out, it deserved a 4.Then they went and gave the best performance of the night.Mya looked as slinky and graceful as any of the pros, although Bruno seemed to have another kind of pro in mind when he praised her by shouting, “You put all of America in the mood for love! ” He may have been overexcited after hearing Len’s quibbling; the old grouch thought the routine had too many tricks.Bruno punctuated his 10 with his first fist pump of the season. Keeping in line with the week’s transgressive-sex theme, Alec Mazo decided that his celebrity partner, the Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, needed instructions on how to heat up her rumba, so he had his wife, the recently eliminated pro Edyta Sliwinska, give her lessons, stressing the importance of eye contact.“I give her permission to go all out with my hasbend, Alec,” Edyta told the cameras.

Paula Abdul, who evidently has time on her hands, was at Monday night’s show.The next celebrities to learn their status was the highest-scoring women.The singer Mya and her partner, Dmitry Chaplin, provided some typical rehearsal-footage nonsense: She supposedly got them in the mood for their rumba by putting candles and rose petals in their practice space.Fortunately, the viewers’ votes were enough to keep them out of danger.They weren’t enough for the model Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough, even though Derek specifically choreographed their samba to appeal to Len, who’s a stickler for classic ballroom details.Carrie Ann was so mesmerized she passed on her usual quibble and didn’t call Mya and Dmitry on a possible lift.In his most egregious example of low scoring, Len gave the couple a 7 to the other’s 10’s—the first perfect scores of the season.Since there was nothing to be praised in the dancing, the judges praised Chuck’s entertainment value.Bruno hedged his comment by adding, “But ‘Zombietown’ is a hit!(AP Photo/ABC, Adam Larkey, File) ** NO SALES; MAGS OUT; NO ARCHIVE ** (� 2009 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.All rights reserved.) It was two-for-one night on the elimination episode of “Dancing With the Stars.” The actress Debi Mazar got the lowest combined vote from the judges and viewers and was sent home.

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