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But is China mortgaging its present for a promised future, and doing so at the same time that current speeds of construction eclipse any real forward planning?

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The new China is now halfway built: within the next 30 years the world’s most populous nation will most likely take centre-stage as a global superpower, with hundreds of millions of new urbanites flooding into the rapidly swelling cities.But this process — presenting no less than the construction of a new society — is taking place almost without time to think.The present is so all-consuming that fast realities threaten to eclipse the slow dream of tomorrow.1: Chestnuts may be roasted over an open fire in a wire basket or a special perforated chestnut-roasting pan. We see no reason why chestnuts roasted in foil would not work, but be sure to closely monitor them.It is absolutely necessary for you to score the chestnuts so they do not explode. Once the chestnuts are charred black, they should be ready to eat.A jumbo chestnut is approximately 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches. We know where the chestnuts have been and we store them on site until we ship them to you direct.At times, extended shipping will cause this highly perishable product to mold, which impairs freshness.The chestnuts on your recipe page look "hairy." Are mine chestnuts or not? 1: There is no difference in flavor between the sizes of chestnuts.An extra large chestnut is approximately 1 1/8 - 1 1/4 inches. We can guarantee the freshness because we hand pick, hand sort, and hand pack our entire product.You will have to experiment with the number of chestnuts to cook at a time when using the microwave. Please see our website for a description of the pans available. We have found two popular, but very different, ways of serving chestnuts.4: We have a Dickens style celebration in December and some have suggested that we roast chestnuts. First, you can serve the roasted chestnuts in a paper cone.

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