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On the surface, SH is premised on both the Cinderella story and the contract marriage.

But as the drama progresses, it becomes clearer and clearer that the trite set-ups don’t dictate the plot.

With that said, my recaps will be on the Taiwan airing schedule, which means one new episode airs every Sunday (currently two episodes have aired, and both times led the ratings in its time slot).

It’s my greatest pleasure to bring you Sunny Happiness episode 1!

When he arrives at work, it has to be clean, and it wasn’t clean today.

Yong Yong and Yun Jie make out in bed, and wake up the next morning shocked to see each other naked and in bed together.

They tussle over the covers, but Yong Yong kicks him off the bed and steals the covers.

Yong Yong voiceovers: What were each of us thinking that night, do you remember?

All I know is that had I never met you that day, then our lives would not be in this situation. The title card reads – two months earlier – and it’s a rainy day out.

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