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Please enjoy this wild ride with one of our most legendary performers.—Alex Belth Out of the blue, in the middle of the action, an extremely clever comic actor began counting, very slowly, and with great concentration: one, two, three, four… Scott sings “Sixty-six bottles of beer on the wall, sixty-six bottles of beer.” Elvis takes us down to fifty-three. But there’s a little voice that says, ‘Oh, no, you can’t do that, that’s breaking all the rules.’ That’s the voice of show business. He has stumbled onto a secret of comedy: the unexpected is funny.

enunciating each of the numbers with the utmost deliberation, as if they had gotten away from him and he was gathering them up again: five, six, seven, eight… When he reached fifteen, the audience began to laugh, and by the time he had slowly, and with greater and greater concentration, made his way up to a hundred, people were falling off their seats… Yes, cross the border and you hear that fateful laughter. —Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting It is on a weekday morning as Andy Kaufman strides into the Improvisation. He just, well, does things…It has already been a good night for Kaufman. Then Kaufman increases the pressure by counting back up for a few bottles, whispering a little, now singing again. Then this other little voice says, ‘Try it.’ And most of the time, when the voice comes on and says, ‘No,’ that’s the time it works.” He is speechless for a moment. ”You want to be happy for him, this overgrown child, but something holds you back. And what could be more unexpected than a comedian coming out for ten minutes and not being funny at all?

He graduated from high school in 1967 and received a 4-F deferment from the military draft after failing the psychological portion of the test.

Early on, Kaufman embraced the practice of transcendental meditation, which became an important fixture in his life and helped him gain the courage to perform.

Outside the TV arena, Kaufman appeared alongside the singer Deborah Harry in the ill-fated Broadway play In January 1984, Kaufman was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer.

He had never smoked, and some even accused the consummate performer of faking his illness, even in its most advanced stages.

Kaufman was not content with his clever appearances on , or as Latka, the cutie pie he played on the hit TV show, Taxi. His famed antics—wrestling women, his evil alter-ego, Tony Clifton—were captured with wit and flair by David Hirshey in “Beyond Laughter.” It was originally published in the April 1981 issue of and is reprinted here with the author’s permission. “' A Hundred Bottles of Beer’ has always been a fantasy of mine.

Alas, many of the show tapes were erased (as was the standard in the day) but some of the hilarity has been preserved via some killer You Tube clips.

Born in New York City on January 17, 1949, Andy Kaufman began performing at age 8.

His later stand-up routine was unorthodox, but it caught the attention of Hollywood, and he was soon appearing on TV, including on a new show called .

In 1979, Kaufman made a now-famous appearance in a show at Carnegie Hall, after which he arranged for the entire audience of 2,800 people to be bussed to a Manhattan café for milk and cookies.

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