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Atlas" specializes in the production of low-voltage, low-frequency electrical connectors.The main products of the company - sealed connectors type 2RMG, 2RMGD, 2RMGP, 2RMGPD, 2RMGS, 2RMGSD, 2RMGSPD, RRM43, RRM44, SNTS30, SNTS31.We have excellent teams who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection and company running. started production since 2001, focusing on 2-20 layers rigid PCBs.

Urgent, authentic and independent information in our magazine helps specialists in power engineering and IT- professionals to carry on a dialogue.

We have the FAP licenses for development and for manufacture to military engineering.

Our manufacture quality management system has passed check for conformity R ISO90001-2001 and it has the conclusion as the ' Military register',' MREC', Ltd.

The official representative office in Russia executes complex FPGA and equipment deliveries without any dealers and with the quality guarantee.

The Russian representative office delivers radiation-resistant and safe components, executes securing the full documentation in the controlling departments of the USA and Russian Federation.

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  1. All privacy acts address the issues of what and when employee information is considered to be personal information that is subject to the provisions of the privacy legislation.