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Another was horrified to find a hacker saying lewd things to their child after taking control of a webcam.

While you install nanny cams and indoor cameras to protect your children, they can inflict harm if they’re hacked.

Hackers have been breaking into online banking, phones, and more ever since Wi Fi became more readily available.

If you have cameras that operate wirelessly, make sure your system is equipped with firmware.

Police have launched an investigation after a camera was discovered last week inside a bathroom at a Starbucks store in Atlanta.

A 25-year-old customer reportedly found the device taped under a baby changing station, the According to a police report, the woman removed the camera and alerted the manager.

A number of states don’t allow you to record audio of your nanny, au pair, or babysitter without their knowledge.

If you have an audio/video hidden camera, you’ll need to notify your nanny.

He added that the video quality was poor and no “private parts” were seen. Police say whoever is responsible faces a charge of eavesdropping, which is a felony.You can also do it yourself by choosing a password with at least 15 characters, upper and lower case type, symbols, numbers, and punctuation.When you create one, write it down on a piece of paper for safe-keeping.However, indoor cameras serve a much broader purpose.Indoor security cameras can help you keep tabs on pets, kids, and the overall security of your home.You won’t have to worry about legal ramifications of this type of device if it only records video; It’s legal in all 50 states to secretly videotape the contents of your home and all visitors without their consent.Although, you cannot install cameras in bathrooms or private spaces like your nanny’s bedroom. An important caveat to note here is that hidden cameras are only acceptable if they record video.The discovery comes less than a week after the coffee giant faced a national backlash over an incident at a Philadelphia location in which two black men were arrested for allegedly trespassing.The arrests drew apologies from the company and from Philadelphia’s police commissioner.If your household cameras record audio, you’ll need to tell your nanny in a verbal and written statement, so you can’t be prosecuted—and so that you can use recordings as evidence if you ever need to go to court.We recommend doing this in front of a camera and getting a signature, so there’s no doubt about your disclosure.

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